Hello running friends- After a pre-meeting with my co-captain Darren last night, we've decided it's time to put the relay team back together! This time we are doing the Smokey Mountain Relay from Pink Beds (Brevard area) to Nantahala Outdoor Center. 212 miles, team of 12, April 17-18th, 2015! We are giving you plenty of time to train. This guy will be coming off the couch and dusting off the running shoes after a year hiatus. Get on the bus and off the asphalt. It's $100 each for the race. I've paid the team's deposit so send me an email and $50 deposit, if you want to be part of the team. There will be other expenses related to van rental, shirts, etc. Since we are registering early, we are entered into a drawing for 2 free van rentals. Based on interest, we may have a male van and female van.

Individual Totals

Final Results

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Info & Feedback

Another great, successful running of the BRR. Even with the last minute team changes to 10 runners, we did well and beat our time in 2008. Please feel free to add suggestions and comments for future planning of the event.


1 week away from the big event and we've got 2 runners potentially out. Get the word out and let's get these spots filled.

Training Runs

I hope things are going well for you with Training. Let us know if you need any assistance. A good thing to try is to get 2 runs in one day. Nothing to big, just enough so your body gets the feeling of running in the AM and then in the PM; appx. 8 hours later. Hopefully your not as sweaty as this guy after running...

2010 Blue Ridge Relay Summary Chart


Need a runner(s)

We've got a spot open. Put the word out we are looking for another runner. Thanks!

Spivey MTN Challenge

A HAPPY Birthday to Darren and thanks for hosting the first race of the year. While there were some Rough Around the Team Runners/Volunteers at the event... the outcome is that a lady took first place! We hope to have Josh join the team this year.


Registration is on-line this year. Please get this done. You'll notice our team name is under the pull-down menu. The race fee has been paid...have you paid your fee?


Count them... 1..2! Two vans this year for your comfort!

Thursday Night Lodging

We are reserved for a different cabin this year but located a little closer to the start of the race. we are on a river and hopefully we can spend a little more time here on Thursday hanging out and getting ready.
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Line Up

I have heard a definite yes from the following folks:
• Canio
• Mukunda
• Darren
• Craig
• Mike
• Chris Eselgroth
• Nic
• Chris Bettis
• Tomlo
• Josh
• Jason
• Todd

2010 were doing it again!

New dates this year... September 17th & 18th! Start talking about it to your buddies and see who wants to commit.

2009 Blue Ridge Relay

The 2009 Blue Ridge Relay

Friday and Saturday, Sept. 11 and 12th, 2009.
This will be the fifth running of our 208 mile team running relay.

We have grown from 10 teams the first year to 80 teams last year!
Are you up for the challenge...and the fun?

Registration opens January 1st.

Kind regards,
Ken Sevensky
Blue Ridge Relay

Dupont Relay 2008

The total field for the DuPont Marathon this year totaled at 125 runners, along with four-person relay teams that competed in the Park Ridge Hospital relay. The team Mixed Bag placed first with an overall time of 3:13:23, while right behind them with a time of 3:15:16 was Rough Around the Ridges. The Gingerbread Running Co. rounded out the top three, finishing less than a minute behind at 3:16:35.TImes-News. Plaques were awarded!


...208 Miles; 12 studs! Just a hair over 31 hours...
Official Results: 49th Place out of 78 teams; Time 31:12:22; Team Pace 9:00 minute miles.

Suggestions for Improvements

Since this was the first year for the team, any suggestions or comments are helpful. I'll keep this website going so in case the Blue Ridge Realy wristband wants to be passed to another captain &/or different teammates. Food, water, logistics, training, vans, running legs...whatever...add your suggestions so we have them while they are fresh in your head! The soreness of the legs will leave soon but the momories will certainly carry on...THANK YOU 2008 Rough Around the Ridges Team!

Final Results vs predicted times

Team Stats: 31 hours 5 minutes ; Team pace = 8:56

Individual Runner's LEGS totals

After Party...

Blue Ridge Relay Team FINISH Celebration

The fellas will have finished the 208 mile relay from Grayson Highlands, VA to Asheville, NC on Saturday afternoon... (probably between 2-3)
Let's celebrate with a PARTY!

If you are local and feel the urge, you can bring a side dish to share. We'll refuel with some burgers and yummy sides and rehydrate with beer and soft drinks. The runners will provide the entertainment with their stories. Kids welcome!

Rules & Reg's

Just received the Captain's Handbook: 2008 Team Handbook (36kb, PDF)
The Basics:
- Course will be marked but it is runners responsibility to navigate course
- No musical devices (ipod's)
- have until 5:30 pm to finish the race
- Sub station & pancake breakfast along the way...fundraiser for local communities
- Our Bib #'s are 805-816
- Currently registered at 9:30 minute/mile pace (think we maybe 9:15 now!)
- 6:45 am start time
- 863 Runners
- 80 teams

Gettin' READY

Well fellow runners...we've had some changes but were still moving forward. Just heard from the relay officials...our start time is 6:45 AM. We're registered for 9:30 pace but over all looks like we might be closer to 9:15. Also there will be some 78 teams and over 860 runners. Quite the event. Don't hesitate to contact todd with questions.

Thursday Night...

Chris reserved the team a cabin for Thursday night (Sept 4th). Located 5 minutes away from Grayson Highlands.

What is it about...

The relay which is one of the longest running relay races in the United States, takes place in the picturesque Blue Ridge and Black Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. The relay consists of maximum 12 person (4 person minimum) teams that rotate through 36 transition areas as they cover the 208-mile distance of the race. Each relay team member runs 3 legs of varying lengths and difficulty and will cover an average total distance of ~16.6 miles. The runners rotate in a set order once the race begins and will be obligated to follow this rotation until the final runner finishes in Asheville, North Carolina!

Our Team Plan

The Plan is to have 11 runners on board & a back up or two. Inevitably, someone will drop out before the race. We have quite a mixed group of runners but emphasis on having fun and finishing rather than “in it to win it”. Pace 8:45 to 9:00 minute miles. Transportation would be 2 vans (possibly 1 cargo & 1 passenger). The course is broken up into 36 stages or legs, each of which is run by one runner per team. The shortest leg is 2 miles, the longest is 10 miles, and the average is 5.8 miles. To download the entire course, click here

Leg Assignments

IT ALL CHANGED... see the other post up from this one...
Here's who is signed up for what leg. This is not set in stone and can be changed, if you want to switch please let me know so we can do it before the end of July.


T-shirts will be 85% Polyester & 15% cotton Dri-Release. Thinking about doing a light grey shirt with black lettering... SHIRTS were ordered 8/5

Where to stay along the way...

There is some concern on what to do in the middle of the night for lodging. Since we'll have 2 vans, we can certainly shuttle folks around. It sounds like there maybe access to a home in Boone? Or speaking to another runner who has done this event before, they mentioned Spruce Pine is a good halfway spot to get a hotel. Then folks can be shuttled in and out while others are running. Any thoughts... Here's a link for other thoughts too: Relay Blog


Thank you BOB & JAY ... Volunteers to represent, represent!

Each team is required to have 2 volunteers (not runners). If you know someone intersted in being part of the event but doesn't want to run, please let me know and I'll get an application sent their way.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Exchange Zone Volunteers will serve as Relay Officials and will have the following responsibilities: Record bib numbers of incoming runners and outgoing runners. Record time of wrist strap exchange between runners. Monitor for rule violations. (Ruling on violations is the responsibility of the Race Director and Relay Committee.) Direct support vehicle parking. Supervision of the Exchange Zone site. Time Requirement - Volunteers will work one shift that is between 4 - 8 hours.

Night Gear

It's my understanding that a reflective vest must be worn when running day or night on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Also, the must be worn at night in transition stations by all members of the team. Uncle Larry has access to these through work for $5.50 a pop. Need to get sizes to him. Also, a headlamp will be required, your on your own for that one. Might look to get a community set of front/back lights for runners to wear at night.

Running Supplies

Please note that the course is marked; however there are not water stations along the way. Your responsible for carrying what you need during your run: Water & snacks. We'll try to stock the vans with some items. We'll put together a first aid kit & plan to hit Sam's Club for snacks before starting the race (Gatorade, snack bars, banana's, oranges, water cooler, etc)

Blue Ridge Relay Route

Blue Ridge Relay Route
Click on map for interactive info including: each segment, transition, runner based on 11 (or 12), & mileage